Instructional Design

We build customized training manuals and other instructional materials​ for your organization

  • Onboarding packages

  • Sales training packages

  • Elearning manuals

  • Elearning courses

  • Facilitator guides

  • Group activities

Learning Strategy Development

Besides building your instructional materials from scratch, we also guide you in the process of developing your learning and development program curriculum using ADDIE and Design Thinking methodologies. 

Training & Discussion Facilitation

We bring structure and strategy to your next communication initiative.We create and facilitate the following communication efforts:

  • working meetings

  • discussions

  • panels

  • training sessions 

  • workshops 

Localization of Your Internal Communication For Your Global Offices

We make your organization's messages speak to the local culture of your global offices through the way they sound and look. Think localization process as your internal employee engagement tool that reaches our globally. We make sure it is as we engage your remote employees and make them feel included and motivated. 

We specialize in customizing your existing training and coaching program by adding cultural elements that speak to your global learners, engage them, and help them learn. We build new training for your local offices taking into consideration their cultural values, norms, rules, and traditions. 

Diversity and Inclusion in Team Communication

We help you recognize diversity and unique talents in your team, reorganize priorities for the most efficient and effective communication in your diverse team. We provide working sessions to streamline your team communication processes. 

We support your global workforce by coaching your teams in cross-cultural communication to establish clear communication rules and expectations and build an all-inclusive communication culture for better productivity and efficiency.