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Anastasia's article on leveraging international employees' knowledge and experiences is featured in Training Today Magazine. 
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Great day with Change Management practitioners: thought-provoking discussions, new and old friends, and exceptional key note from Paul Gibbson. #mcc19 #acmp #professionaldevelopment 
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One of our favorite work things to do is to organize live training. Couldn't be happier to be a part of this team.  #epsontraining 
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It feels great to be a part of an amazing Epson team to gear up for the next training event. #epsontraining #lovewhatyoudo
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Check out my article about adaptability skills and work performance
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Anastasia's latest article about Onboarding and Acculturation is published in Training Today Magazine
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Presenting two working sessions about cross-cultural competence while working in culturally diverse teams and training and localization processes in global organizations at the International Educators of Illinois Annual Conference.
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Check out recaps of our completed projects on our Products page
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Celebrating everything ATDChi. I could not be luckier to have a better team to lead in building a professional development curriculum for 350+ members to contribute in increasing Chapter's membership by 17% and doubling live events attendance. #atd #talentdevelopment #atdchicagoland
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Partnering with PrincePerformance to present working session about global organizations, employee engagement, training and localization efforts at the Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase.
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Anastasia's recap of ATDChi event is published in ATDChi's Training Magazine
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Gearing up to facilitate 5-week language and culture immersion program partnering with CommuniClear Global.
Lot's of topics to cover: pronunciation, communication norms and rules, interview and presentation skills. Excited to meet our group of Chinese government officials participating in international exchange program. 
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Anastasia's recap of ATDChi event is published in ATDChi's Training Magazine
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​Presenting working session "Cultural Mosaic of Global Teams" for Grainger Global Sourcing Team at W.W. Grainger. We are exploring cross-cultural competencies and establishing team norms and rules of communication across the globe.
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